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meet danielle

Danielle M. Davidson, RDN is an anti-diet, HAES®-aligned dietitian offering inclusive care centered on intuitive eating and body liberation.

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hey. i'm danielle.

I am a cat mom; SF Bay Area native; autistic ADHDer; and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializing in helping folx heal their relationship with food & body.

I love working 1:1 with people –> empowering them and guiding them on their healing journey, towards a life that better aligns with their values and sets their soul on fire.

My approach is compassionate, inclusive, and affirming. I provide trauma-informed and weight-neutral nutrition care. I support clients in making peace with food, managing their health conditions, and elevating their well-being and quality of life.


bay area


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a few of my favorite things

listening to music, spending time in nature, learning about true crime / medical mysteries, coffee ♥






my values


holding hands, empathy, hand, overlap, cute, love_1




praxis (putting values into practice)

  • I honor & respect that body liberation is rooted in activism by marginalized folx (ie fat / black / queer / trans / disabled / indigenous) who are often silenced and/or not given credit for their labor.
  • I am an eternal student on the history of harm & collective trauma caused by oppressive systems (ie white supremacy, colonialism / capitalism / cishet patriarchy) that continue to be upheld to this day.
  • I am dedicated to learning about more ethical frameworks of care such as harm reduction.
  • I recognize that due to my privilege (ie white, cishet, able-bodied, straight sized, college educated), I benefit from oppressive systems, and I want to ensure that I am working towards actively dismantling these systems, rather than supporting and upholding them. Dietetics as a field has a long way to go when it comes to being inclusive. 10% of Enjoy Life Nutrition’s annual business revenue goes to Diversify Dietetics.

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