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make peace with food. elevate your well-being.

Danielle M. Davidson, RDN is an anti-diet, HAES®-aligned dietitian offering inclusive care centered on intuitive eating and body liberation.

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are you ready to live life differently?

Maybe you’re…
  • In recovery from disordered eating or an ED?
  • Wanting to heal your relationship with food & body?
  • Looking for support on managing your health conditions without the judgement, stigma, and recommendations of restrictive diets or weight loss surgery?
  • Curious about approaching nutrition & health with the goal of improving quality of life – rather than micromanaging your body size, counting calories, and measuring, controlling, stressing?
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You deserve to enjoy food & movement; to have a positive relationship with your body. I can help.

You're more than a number on a scale.

Despite what you’ve been told, size does not equal worth. You’re a human being with unique needs, experiences, and values. You deserve a life that is satisfying and care that is compassionate.

You can unlearn diet culture, refuse to follow food rules and practice radical self-care by accessing your body’s inner wisdom.

real food. no rules.

Looking to “de-complicate” your relationship with food? Ready for honoring your needs, respecting your body, and attaining freedom & flexibility? I would be happy to help you.

terapia de nutrición.

¿Quieres una relación más sana con la comida y tu cuerpo? ¿Estás buscando apoyo amable y sin prejuicios para manejar tus condiciones de salud? Estaria encantada de ayudarte : )

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ready to start enjoying life?

Reach out to learn more about nutrition therapy and see if we’re a fit!

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